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Bestselling Releases from Steeplechase Now Available for Purchase Globally!


Welcome to the website Music Shop, where links are available to purchase the band's albums, including their most recent releases, "May It Shine," "Remixt," "Holiday Cards," and more!

May It Shine is Steeplechase's newest rock/pop album. The record is a 14-song collection featuring some of the best music of the band's career. Just a few of the album highlights include the epic opener "New Year's Eve", the sports anthem "2 Knights", arguably the band's greatest ballad, "There's No Place Like Here in Your Arms," the pop nugget "Unstoppable Love", and the secular hymn, "Ulysses".


Remixt is Steeplechase's new remix album featuring brand new songs as well as familiar favorites being reimagined. Highlights of the 14-song collection include, "Afterwords (Rezonation Pop Mix)", "There's No Place Like Here in Your Arms (Always Forever Remix)", "Santa Monica (Beatus Pop Mix)", "The Forbidden City (Lhasa Luv Mix)", and many more. 


Holiday Cards is Steeplechase's very first holiday album collection. The record features 11 songs, including 7 originals and 4 exciting covers. Original song highlights include "New Year's Eve (Europ Solstice Remix)", "Christmas Light," "A Christmas Card," and "Hanukkahs in Brooklyn." Cover highlights include "In the Bleak Midwinter" and an extended remix of "Auld Lang Syne."














Remixt 6 is a brand new EP from the band featuring highlights from their Remixt album.










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