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STEEPLECHASE Busy Recording a New Album Project

STEEPLECHASE Staff December 2019

Poc Silver and the gang are busy recording a new project with Co-Producers Jeff Otis Brown and Olm Ost. The project, which promises to be Steeplechase's biggest and best, is tentatively scheduled to be completed and released sometime next year.

STEEPLECHASE on No Angel Records!

STEEPLECHASE Staff December 2016


Steeplechase has recently signed with No Angel Records, a music licensing and branding company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Select track highlights from the Steeplechase catalog are available on their very own No Angel Records page, as well as music videos and links to albums for purchase. The link to the Steeplechase No Angel Page page can found below: 


Poc, Jason, and everyone in the band are looking forward to a successful relationship with the great team at No Angel Records.

STEEPLECHASE on Eastaste Music!

STEEPLECHASE Staff January 2016


Steeplechase has recently signed with Eastaste Music, a creative music licensing agency based in Budapest, Hungary which has placed music in major television and film projects (HBO, National Geographic, BBC), and global brands like Coca Cola, Esquire, and Revlon. 


Dozens of Steeplechase's tracks can be found on their own page on the Eastaste website including many highlights from their albums "Afterwords", "The Wayfinder", and "Elusive Cathedrals". In addition, a number of instrumental cues from "Cues Volume 1" are also available. All tracks featured on the page can be listened to in their entirety and of course, are available for licensing and placement opportunities. The link to the Steeplechase Eastaste Page is:

Poc, Jason, and everyone in the band are looking forward to a fruitful relationship with the great team at Eastaste.

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