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Bestselling Releases from Steeplechase Now Available for Purchase Globally!


Welcome to the website Music Shop, where links are available to purchase the band's albums, including their most recent releases, "May It Shine," "Remixt," "Holiday Cards," and more!

The Wayfinder is Steeplechase's newest album. A 13-song pop/rock opus, the record offers up hook-laden, upbeat songs which are easily amongst the best music of the band's career. Just a few of the album highlights include the title track, "Bastille Day", "Our December", "Santa Monica", "River Wild", and "Holy Ground".


Afterwords is Steeplechase's most successful record to date. A double album of some of the band's most beloved music, including the title track, "The Lovely One", "Long Journey Home", "The Forbidden City", "Don't Let Me Fall", and many more. The album is available in over 240 territories globally and all major online music retailers including:


Elusive Cathedrals is SteeIechase's best-of double album compilation featuring classic songs from the band's independent releases. The record is a 22-track powerhouse which includes the band's very best back catalog hits including "Suburbia", "High Noon (at the "See You Soon" Saloon)", "Enough is Enough", "Maggie's Song", "Tyche", and many more...














She Calls Me Out Tonight is Steeplechase's hot-selling single from "Battleview Orchards". The Grammy-Nominated John Ravenhall Produced EP features 4 mixes of the song, including the "Rock Mix", the "Jono B House Remix", the "Pop Mix", and "Re4mation Club Mix".










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