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Steeplechase Sessions for "May It Shine" have been Completed!

Steeplechase Staff March 2022


Steeplechase's brand new music project, which consists of over 60 songs split between 3 albums, an EP, and associated singles has been completed.


The project, which the band's lead singer, head songwriter, and producer Poc Silver considers to be "easily the band's greatest musical milestone" is expected to be released sometime later this spring. Release news and information coming soon.

Steeplechase Wrapping Final Mixes for Big New Recording Project

Steeplechase Staff February 2022


Steeplechase is busy finishing up the mixes for their forthcoming album project which the band plans to release sometime later this spring. The recording project will be Steeplechase's first official release since "The Wayfinder," which came out in 2014. The band's lead singer and producer Poc Silver promises that the new music will be "absolutely worth the wait."

Steeplechase's Poc Silver and Jeff Otis Brown Wrapping up the New Album Recordings

Steeplechase Staff September 2021

Steeplechase's very own Poc Silver and Jeff Otis Brown are finishing up the final tracks for Steeplechase's first recording project in several years. The final song that the band has been working on is rumored to be a B-side entitled "I Want You." When asked about the song, Poc described it as "hopefully a nice ear worm of an alternative rocker." The sessions for the forthcoming recording project have taken place in studios in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

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