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Please be sure to check out Steeplechase's music publishing, licensing, and distribution partners and affiliates....

Sugo Music Group

Sugo Music Group is Steeplechase's Co-Publishing partner and major global music distributor. Sugo Music is currently handling "The Wayfinder", "Afterwords", as well as some of the band's very best back-catalog music and cues. Click below to check out SUGO Music Group:


WACBIZ is a NYC-based music licensing company and artist collective run by President and Founder Suzanne Hilleary. Steeplechase has its own featured page on the WACBIZ website where their catalog is available for both licensing and sale. Click below to check out the Steeplechase page on WACBIZ:



Jack Rusell Music

Jack Russell Music (JRM) has been an excellent administrator of Steeplechase's catalog for several years. Based in London, UK, the band continues to foster an important partnership with company head Clare Ram. Click below to check out Jack Russell Music:

Apollo Live

Apollo Live is a major Northern and Eastern European music licensing company owned by Daniel Kafer. The company is based in Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark. 



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